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Antennamaker now offer products of own-made WiFi antenna , UHF, RF, GSM, Directional, GPS Antenna to upgrade ODM/OEM service of wireless solutions for whole word's customers.

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Russia Requires WiFi Registration
While WiFi wasn’t as broadly unlicensed in Russia as it is in most other industrialized nations, your can not find wifi antenna anywhere a state regulator exempted indoor use in certain bands from registration. The Mass Media agency apparently believes that it has the authority to compel this, although there’s some doubt by observers as to whether it really falls in their purview.
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RF Antenna

How useful when you take of RF Antenna Products.
We provide a comprehensive range of RF Antenna Products that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan Exporter of RF Antenna Products. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable RF Antenna Products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

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Channel separation:
The separation between adjacent carrier frequencies is 200 kHz in GSM.

The process of sending a signal by changing the characteristics of a carrier frequency is called Modulation. In GSM, this is done by Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK).

Stealth Fighters like the F-117 have smaller signatures than their earlier counterparts as they are designed to absorb radiowaves or divert them away from the radar antenna.

As stealth technologies advance further, so will the detection techniques. And the hide and seek game will go on forever.

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Transmission rate:
GSM is a digital system with transmission rate of 270 kbps.

Access method:
GSM implement the time division multiple access (TDMA) concept. In TDMA technique several different calls may share the same carrier. For each call a particular time slot is allotted.

We ensure high quality RF Antenna products by subjecting our RF Antenna products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch.

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