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Russia Requires WiFi Registration
While WiFi wasn’t as broadly unlicensed in Russia as it is in most other industrialized nations, your can not find wifi antenna anywhere a state regulator exempted indoor use in certain bands from registration. The Mass Media agency apparently believes that it has the authority to compel this, although there’s some doubt by observers as to whether it really falls in their purview.
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Nearly all of the research shows that driving while using a mobile phone, even if it is of the hands-free variety, greatly increases the chances of an accident. The government has said that driving while using a hand-held model will be illegal from December but is exempting hands-free models because of the difficulty of enforcing the rules.

In other words it is allowing a new technology to be used that it knows will cause accidents and deaths just because there are enforcement difficulties. Why doesn't it do the same for heroin and cocaine?

This is a major victory for the mobile phone lobby and will give the green light for explosive growth both in hands-free models that are embedded in the car and for standard mobile phones connected by Bluetooth technology to a receiver in your ear without wires.

If the government does not believe the research then it should say so and publish a refutation. But if it believes the research is valid then it is doing something that is highly likely to result in a significant rise in deaths and accidents in future.

Different layers of ISO OSI model are as follows

1) Physical Layer
The physical layer is related with delivering raw bits over a communication channel. The design issues have to do with making sure that when one side sends a 1 bit, it is received as a 1 bit by the other side but not as a 0 bit. The design issues here largely related with mechanical, electrical and procedural interfaces and the physical communication channel which lies below the physical layer.

2) Data Link layer
The important function of the data link layer is to take raw transmission facility and deliver it into a line that appears free of undetected transmission error to the network layer. It achieves this task by having the sender break the input data up into data frames then transmit the frames sequentially and process the acknowledgement frames sent back by the receiver. Since the physical layer takes and delivers a stream of bits without any concern to meaning or structure it is data link layer’s function to create and determine frame boundaries. This can be achieved by attaching special bit patterns to the start and end of the frame. If in the data these bits appear accidentally, special care must be taken to ensure these patterns are not incorrectly interpreted as frame delimiters.

On the line a noise burst can destroy a frame completely. If frame is destroyed the data link layer software on the source machine can retransmit the frame. However, multiple transmissions of the same frame cause the possibility of duplicate frames. If the acknowledgement frame from the receiver to sender were lost then duplicate frame could be sent. It is function of this layer to solve the problems caused by damaged, lost and duplicate frames. The data link layer provides number of different service classes to the network layer, each of a different quality and with a different price.

Another design issue that takes place within data link layer is how to keep a fast transmitter from drowning a slow receiver in data. Some traffic control mechanism must be applied to let the transmitter know how much buffer space the receiver has at the moment. Frequently, this flow control and the error handling are incorporated.
Broadcast networks possess some additional issue in the data link layer: how to control access to the shared channel. The medium access sub layer, a special sub layer of the data link layer related with this problem.

The government may even open itself to legal claims from the victims of accidents caused by drivers losing control of their vehicles while being on the phone because it knew the dangers in advance but refused to do anything about it.

How strong is the evidence? Pretty devastating. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has collated a lot of it (see below) but the research that changed my mind was done by the Transport Research Laboratory. It tested groups using handhelds and hands-free models against a comparable sample of drivers who had imbibed alcohol to the maximum permitted legal level in the UK.

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